We're here to help you achieve your goals. The earlier you seek intervention, the better.  


Initial assessment session: The first time you see us, the physiotherapist will assess the cause, severity and nature of your problem.They will ask about similar problems, treatment or investigations you have had, your general health and any medication you may be taking.


We discuss your lifestyle, work and leisure activities as these may impact your condition. We then carry out a full examination of the problem area.


The physiotherapist will then discuss your diagnosis and advise you on appropriate treatment options.


treatment plan is set out and agreed with you followed by hands on treatment. The plan may include exercises for you to do between sessions.


Follow up treatment sessions will be offered if we think they will be helpful in resolving your condition.


You may be required to remove clothing so we can fully administer treatment. 


If you have any questions about what to expect, call us or use our contact form.

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